Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Girly

It is hard for me to fathom that this sweet girly is going to be 5 next month...
I just love her to pieces and feel so privileged to be her Momma.
She has and given me so much, she made me a mother.
I love that she loves her brother and sister so much.
I love that she is strong willed and independent (although sometimes that is hard).
I love that she LOVES to sing but is so shy to speak in front of a crowd.
I love that she loves to talk and will talk to just about anyone.
I love her beautiful hair and those big dark and beautiful browns.
I love that she knows she can pray anytime, anywhere and about anything.
I love that she loves to play outside and dig in the dirt but is still more girly than you can possibly get.
And I love that she is so incredibly serious but loves to be silly too (on her own time)!


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