Sunday, February 26, 2012

wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

our little 5 year old is going to lose a tooth this week.
i don't even know how this happened.
i feel on the very edge of a full on break down with heaving and fat tears.
she can't be big enough to lose a tooth already.
as we played with makinley tonight while she was in her crib, i only saw maddie in my head.
maddie, at the little age of 1, running around in the same crib with her mullet like hair and her big round rosy cheeks. i remember it so vividly sometimes, like tonight, that it seems just yesterday,
and then, then i check the status of the looseness of her tooth and i am knocked back into reality.
our baby isn't a baby anymore at all-and it hurts my heart.
don't get me wrong, i love every stage that we've had so far with her-she's a funny, serious, and matter of fact child that keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing. but, do they really have to grow up so fast? does her tooth really have to come out? when we discovered her loose tooth about a month ago, it just seemed exciting and cool, "just keep wiggling it and it will come out soon." i kept telling her. well, tonight, it was REALLY wiggly and part of me hoped she'd wake up in the morning and it wouldn't be loose anymore at all-bad mommy, i know. i wish she'd stay our little tiny sock eater forever sometimes, but i know growth and change are inevitable and ultimately a good thing.
i just love that girl so much and can't believe that with a little more wiggle she'll be on the track to toothless soon and then kindergarten, then junior high and high school....ahhhhh!

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