Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I hope Easter brought you the feelings of hope and peace that it did me today.
How grateful I am for the death and resurrection of a loving Savior.
How grateful I am to know that, I too, will be able to enjoy the blessings of the resurrection. That I will reunite with my body again, after this life, and be with my family again-for all eternity.
I felt, without a doubt, today that the Savior loves each of us, he knows us individually and has felt all that we feel. The atonement wasn't just Him taking on all of our sins, but our heartache and sorrows too, and I felt that truth more fully today than I ever have-and how incredibly grateful I am.
It's my testimony that He truly has risen, and that he lives!
Happy Easter, and may you find that joy and peace too.

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Debbie Lunt said...

Hey Shan,
Thanks for posting the kiddos from Easter - I miss them sooo much and it is fun to see pics. You are a good mom and I am happy for all of you and pray things will continue to go well. Give the kids a kiss for me and tell them we love them.