Tuesday, April 17, 2012


if there was ever a worry that the daddy/daughter bond would be any less between daddy and baby girl #2...it was erased quickly. this little lady has this handsome man wrapped so tightly around her finger it's ridiculous. as she is just about16 months she has started pushing the envelope as far as what she can/can't get away with. so, sunday at church (and church is soooo easy peasy at this age...dripping with sarcasm folks) she decides that biting would be the thing she could test-yeah, with me that phase doesn't last long, but i didn't have her! mike laughed and showed me his finger with an indention of an upper and lower set of tiny teeth...he laughed! apparently this happened 2 other times throughout church. i tell you, the man melts at anything she does-good or bad! ahhhh!

but i guess with a face like that and waddle run like she's got, how could you NOT be wrapped around her pudgy little finger?! :)

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D... said...

So cute!! :) Caleb just started biting me while I'm nursing him and Jeff laughed the first time, so then Caleb would bite and pull off, look at me and laugh. Then Jeff laughed harder and so we were all laughing. Now Caleb thinks it's funny to bite. Thankfully, he doesn't bite every time he nurses.