Saturday, May 5, 2012

ain't life funny

so, after that last post I found today to be a little humorous...we got in a car accident.
however, we have blessings to count.
we were all okay!
I took the brunt of it, as we hit on my side but thankfully it's just a headache, whiplash, a sore back and leg. AND the other vehicle's passengers were okay too!
it was not our fault (blessing) as the lady pulled out right in front of us.
we have never been more shaken up but again, we were so blessed no one was hurt. we won't have a car for a while, we think ours may be totaled, but that means good walks and lots of swimming. :)
we are also so thankful to be down here with family, as they were able to come and pick us up and help us out as much as we need.

the funniest part of it all was maddie though. she starts bawling once we are all out of the van so I grab her and make sure she's okay and she says, through hefty tears,
"our beautiful green van! when will we see it again?! I'm going to miss our green van!"
I am so glad that THAT is why she was crying! :)
cute, silly girl.


John n Shannon said...

I'm amazed at your ability to look at the positive. I'd have to say that situation would have had me grumbling for quite awhile. Glad to hear you guys are okay and safe. Hopefully Maddie gets a nicer, newer, green van out of the insurance settlement! :D

Julie-Ann said...

Wow, Shannon! I'm glad that everyone in your family is okay. It seems like you handled the crisis well, also. I'm am always thankful when I am able to maintain composure in bad moments because those seem to be the times that we teach our children the most. At time when others would have been yelling at the other driver, you were taking stock in the well being of your family, counting your blessings and showing concern for the passengers in the other vehicle (even though they caused your family to get hurt). You have taught your children a great lesson in how to deal with crises. I just hope that I am able to the same composure if I am ever in the same situation.

Erin said...

I'm sooo sorry you've been going through this yucky stuff Shannon! You are so amazing to be so positive. I'm so glad everyone is okay and hope you get a pretty new car! I miss you and your cute fam!

Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

Oh my!! I am so glad your all ok! I sure hope your whiplash gets better fast, your amazing, and hopefully you guys will have a super fun time picking out a new van.

So grateful you guys are A-Ok!

Smiles and Hugs