Thursday, May 31, 2012


whew, it's been a while!
Life is more than a little nuts right now, more so than I think it ever has been for us.
I won't go into to detail for fear of not wanting to sound like I am complaining.
Our life is pretty hard right now and it's a continuance of learning each and every day currently.
I can say that I really am grateful though for it-strange huh, grateful for a trial/trials?
This morning I wasn't feeling so grateful-I was cranky and declaring myself done with this particular part of our life. However, the Lord seems to open our hearts and minds when we start feeling that way, and by tonight I am feeling better and seeing how incredibly blessed we are-no matter our difficult circumstances.
The kids are happy and healthy and now have a place to run and play and, as they declared today, a place to go and "explore". And that makes our hearts very happy.

Hopefully, as things settle down (fingers crossed that that's soon) I will start getting some new pictures of our cute as ever kiddos.

and this picture I had to post because it makes me laugh hystrically!

my niece Sadie seemed to get in a fight with the underneath of an ABF moving truck...I think it won.

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Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

That picture make me laugh, poor thing-It reminds me that we all feel like we got run over by a truck some days as well. Hope you guys are ok. Your in our prayers!

Smiles and Hugs from Va,
Jenn M,