Thursday, August 2, 2012


I wish we could say that we are getting settled! :)
Moving really takes a lot longer than getting to your destination, unpacking seems to be making this the never-ending move! It's hard figuring out where you want to put everything. I couldn't be more grateful for the space though! The kids love our new home, most especially the neighborhood-kids everywhere! It is the friendliest neighborhood I have ever been in and I am reassured almost daily that this is definitely the right place for us.
We are busy with home projects already...not the ones we wish we were busy with but you know, the ones that appear just to welcome you to home ownership? It's good though, I don't think we've ever been happier to fix things! ;)

Hopefully I will be getting back on track with blogging, I am so sad as to how much I have missed, in the past 5 months, recording the things of our life. While blogging may seem to be something that will "phase" out I love it and can't wait to start getting all of it printed out and having it for my family. Any who, hope life finds you all happy and well!

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