Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sprucing up the old...

We are not finished with this makeover but we have begun and I couldn't wait to share the difference already! I used wood stain and painted the bricks with it. Mike is out of town and I am surprising him with a project finally began. I am so thrilled with the outcome that I can hardly wait to get the rest of it done and see the final result! We are painting the wood white and all the nasty black will have a fresh coat of black applies and that gold "hood" if you will, will either be replaced completely or painted black as well. Pretty amazing though huh? Thank you Pinterest! :)
I got the idea from Pinterest but this was the site pinned...

I didn't use a roller but a 2 inch brush and I used wood stain.
Minwax Wood Finish in English Chestnut 233.
It's pretty easy and self explanatory so no tutorial.
One tip though, don't start at the very edge of the brick because stain is think and it runs so start a little away from the edge and see if it bleeds over, have a rag ready to stop it if it is about to go over into the grout. This took me a couple of hours (maybe less, but definitely no more), I did it when the kiddos went to bed.
Love it and am so glad I did it, it's not entirely an eye sore anymore!

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