Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soup Sunday

Mike went out to lunch for work the other day and called afterwards to tell me all about this Chicken Tortilla Soup that he had at a place called McAllisters. I haven't ever heard him so excited about a soup before. He then told me he wanted me to find a recipe and try it out. So, low and behold I am on Pinterest and what pops onto the page? A recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup!
Fate was on his side!
So, today was the day for the soup.
It was really yummy, not what we were looking for, but really good.
And what about the kids, what did they think-because we know it's good if it is stamped with kid approval?
ALL 3 liked it! It was a little spicy they said but they had their water and they were fine.
I will link the recipe but know I did add half a brick of cream cheese, trying to get the "creamy" that we were looking for, and then I also added a corn starch/water mix to try and get a thicker soup. While it was chunky due to the beans, corn and tomatoes, it was a thin soup and we were looking for thicker.
It smells heavenly and has great flavor and overall was really good so we give it 10 thumbs up (we all approve).
Prior to adding cheese, because, let's be real, everything is better with cheese!

Seriously, yummm!
Find recipe HERE
Excuse the bad lighting. I didn't have much to work with.

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