Sunday, June 22, 2014

And let's not forget this boy too...

who happens to be 10 months old today!! I can't even believe it!
This "almost year" has flown by.
This boy has brought so much happiness to this family of ours. He's a smiley and happy boy. The last few weeks have been a bit rough do to the poor boy trying to get 4 new teeth in at one time-all on top. While he army crawled forever, he is now crawling like a champ. He's pulling up on everything and walking along the furniture. He is a Momma's boy through and through! He loves to say "Ma-ma-ma-ma" when he is sad or looking for's kind of the cutest thing ever! He LOVES his brother and sisters-adores them actually. He loves, loves, loves his daddy too-he couldn't be more excited when he walks in the door after work. Preston is just a joy and we love him to pieces!

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