Friday, August 8, 2014

May 2014

It's catch up time! I am just going to cover months May-July and then hopefully keep on top of things from here on out!


Well, I got a new camera for Mother's Day! I have waited around 5 years to get a "nice" camera and Mikey bit the bullet and got it for Mother's Day. So, we don't normally do big gifts-if any store bought ones at all-for holidays for each other so when I opened it I was seriously shocked! That may be an understatement! :) And so, essentially, I spent the rest of the month trying to "get to know" my camera. It's funny to look back on all of those pictures-yikes. But I am glad I did that too, I am still learning a TON but I feel a bit more equipped than when I first got it.

It's blurry but it's still one of my favorite practice shots (she was my main subject since the big ones were still in school-most of them are blurry just because she doesn't hold still for more than 2 seconds at a time!)

The kiddos played outside a lot in May too-the heat hadn't set in yet (humidity was there of course though). We have a family of 5 kiddos two doors down and the kids LOVE to play with them.

And with it being springtime, and having a camera to play with, naturally I got some shots of our roses-they were gorgeous!

The kids missed the last day of school as we headed up to Missouri for Lydibug's 1st Birthday-we had a wonderful time! I still haven't had any time to edit pictures aside from cropping, so take them for what they're worth! :) There are A LOT of pictures!!

I think she liked :)

She's 1!!!


And then they partied hard with some big ball volleyball!

 Brody looks like he's doing a magic trick with a floating hammer!

 She had a blast!

Even Meems got in on the action!

 Miss Mallory-Mike's cousin's daughter-such a beautiful girl.

Eatin' Momma's root beer float.

Well hello!

Yes, we skate indoors sometimes.

Such a beautiful girl!

Mr. Big Eyes!

We stayed at Kate's house while we were there. This is after Aaron, Marg and Lydibug flew home. We just chilled outside for an hour or so. It was nice.

 On our travels back home, we stopped and stayed with Uncle Andy and Aunt Nicki. We love visiting with them and their sweet/cute kiddos. Uncle Ryan and Aunt Cara and their kids came, along with Nan (Great Grandma) and Pops!

Here's Mr. Jaxson!

 Oh, this lady...nothing surprises me with her! Love her to death!


And that's it for our travels in May! More of May fun tomorrow, hopefully!

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