Monday, April 7, 2008

1st Attempt!

So here we are jumping on the band wagon of blogging. This will definitely take me a while to get the hang of so bear with may be a bit boring for a while. With that disclaimer in mind, here we go.

As for the life of the Jury family much and yet not much is happening. We feel so busy all the time yet when people ask what is going what do we have to tell them. Maddie is our life and we love every minute of it. She is growing like crazy and learning so much at this point in her life. She is learning new her own language but pretty much attempts everything. She keeps us laughing with her fake laugh which she does on command, it's great. She has pleasured a few family members on the phone with that. She is preparing to be a big sister and we think she is sensing it in some way, she has been very clingy to Mom and wants to be held. She also just caught a yucky cold from Mom and is doing her best to stay happy. Madilynn loves her Baby Einstein videos and seems to learn quite a bit from them. She is such a big help to Mom with sweeping and doing laundry...maybe we should say undoing laundry! There is so much more to say about her but we'll leave something for later!

Mike is keeping busy with work, church, being a husband and father and studying for GMAT, which he will take this month-a couple of weeks actually. He is excelling at work and learning so much! He was quite excited to get his "work" phone last week and that has kept him entertained and busy a bit too! He works with the Young Men at church and is enjoying learning about that age and scouting as well. They are teaching him more than he realizes. He is doing a great job and I know we will see great things from him still!

And so that leaves me...what to say. I am thoroughly enjoying being pregnant again! :D Yes, we can all laugh at that. I really don't mind it but people aren't kidding when they say it is harder when you already have one to take care of. It has been a smooth pregnancy thus far and will be over before I know it. I am due June 21st. Maddie came via c-section and we are trying to do it differently this time. If all else fails I do have my c-section scheduled for the 24th if the baby decides he just does want to come the natural way. I am so grateful to be home with Maddie and that has been possible for us. She has taught me so much and I hope that I am doing the same for her. At church I am working with the Primary children and that has really kept me busy!!! It is a joy though and again I am learning so much!

That sums us up in a nutshell I guess. We are excited to share our life with all our friends and family. We hope that all finds you well and as happy as we are! To our family: we miss you all and love you even more!


moody bunch said...

How fun! I myself just got into blogging! I have now recruited about 4 or 5 of my family members! It's so much fun to keep up in real time with family around the country (and world in our case; with Mom & Dad in Argentina). I look forward to checking in on you guys via blog! P.S. - I like the way you worded what you do at church..."I am working with the primary children" ;)

kelie said...

Yeah! Welcome to blogging. Beware: it's addicting. It will be fun keeping up better with you guys.

Kimchi Chronicles said...

Oh how fun! I love your page, and am glad you decided to join in the world of fun and addictive blogging!


Loveland Family said...

Yeah, Shannon!! Even though we see each other all the time, it will be fun to "catch up" via blog as well. Cute blog and cute family. Good luck with Maddie and the potty training. It is nice to just have one in diapers. I added you to my friends link list.

Chris and Amanda said...

Hooray for blogging! Keep the posts coming!

M&A Jury said...


JennVan said...

great to see your fun blog. i look forward to seeing all your fun things.

Jimmy, Roberta, & Emily said...

Hey!! It's Roberta. Hope all is going well with your pregnancy. I hope all is well with your VBAC also. We're trying that too, and our doctor is sooo nice and accommodating for it. You'll have to keep me updated on what happens! I'm so happy to see you guys are doing well!