Thursday, April 10, 2008

This week thus far

Hello again to everyone! Since we started this thing on Monday, there hasn't been a ton to report about but I am still excited about it-blogging- and wanted to add something. So, potty training has been my thing this week and it is definitely a challenge! I got a little emotional about it today because it seems like sometimes we have made progress and then we go back 5 steps to the beginning again. My sister did point out that it probably will take longer than 3.5 days...good point! Maddie is trying and I am impressed with her, even when it becomes frustrating! She is finally starting to get over the yucky cold that I gave her and now that she is getting over it Mike is starting it! It has to go around I guess!
Other than that we are trying to find a bigger place to move into before this little guy gets here so with potty training that is the other big thing on our plate right now. It is tiring or should I say exhausting! So, prayers would be helpful and much appreciated! Anyway, I believe that is all for now!

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Steven said...

You just made an enemy for not putting MY blog on your "Fam and Friends" list. Interesting.

Seriously, though, how's life in the home of the Confederacy? Southern Pride still going strong? You daughter is growing up WAYYYYYY to fast. Tell her to stop. Right now. Seriously, stop reading my comment and tell your daughter to stop growing. Do it! Not a joke! Why are you still reading this? GO TELL HER!

Okay, REALLY seriously this time, you all need to come back to MO.