Friday, April 11, 2008

Park Fun!

We are always going to the park it seems but we had a lot of fun today too and thought we would share! Maddie was such a big girl today. She kept dry panties the whole time we were there...there was a bathroom and we did use it a few times. However, my point is that we are making great progress!!! Yesterday, I was all but ready to give up on this whole thing and then she had a great afternoon and has done great today!!! YEA! Anyway, we called some friends and they came to the park too and Madds had fun with them and with a "dau" aka dog she saw there! Nicholas, Julia and Carrie are some friends from church and Maddie had a good time learning from the big kids! She is so fascinated and wants to do everything they do and be able to climb where they do. Hold on chica, don't grow up too fast on us!! It was a beautiful day too, hot, but then again I am always hot at this point! :) It has been so rainy and yucky the past week or so and so it has been nice to have 2 beautiful days in a row...I do believe it will be ending though tomorrow. So, the park was fun as always!

Mike is playing on a softball team for the summer and has his first games tonight! They play double-headers every Friday. I know he is excited but wishes he was feeling better. Mommy and Maddie hope to be able to go to most of them, but we are going to the temple in the morning and so given Maddie's track records with our temple trips and being sick...we aren't risking it! Good luck to Mikey and his team tonight and hopefully we will have some pictures to come!


Kimchi Chronicles said...

I'm so glad you decided to go tonight! It was a blast. Always great fun to hang out with the girls and watch our HOT hubbies play!

Evan and Jamie said...

Looks like you had fun at the park. My kiddos played outside all day today too!! Hope the game went good Mikey!!