Saturday, April 12, 2008

Softball Time!

So, Mikey may not be too happy that this is one of the pictures that got posted but you can only do so much through a fence! Well, I have never seen Mike play softball before, actually come to think of it, no other sport besides basketball. Anyway, he did a great job-what I saw that is, such a his sweet triple! They lost their first game and won their second, they seemed to have a great time and it was good for Mike to get out and do some stuff other than work! Maddie had a blast too, as you will see. The team he plays on is all LDS guys and so a few of their families came as well-they are in our ward-and Maddie had fun getting dirty and meeting new friends from church. She enjoyed popcorn for the first time, had a cupcake, a Capri-Sun and who knows what else...she was quite the moocher let me tell you! She definitely does not get that from me...(Mike's family will agree with me on that!) :) We had a great time and can't wait to go again. We didn't plan on going, as you can read in my previous blog but have to have fun and Mike liked having us there. Until the next game!


Jennifer said...

She needs a couple of little diggers to play in the dirt....

Kimchi Chronicles said... time I'll do the running around for the pics, and I'll definitely get more of you!
Thanks for being our photographer.