Friday, April 25, 2008

Zoo Fun!

Maddie and Mommy took and adventure to the Zoo today, unfortunately without Daddy...sad. :( However, Daddy is back in town and that is great news! Anyway, we had a blast for the most part and it was so fun to watch her react to the animals. She calls them all the same thing just about and it is really funny. Had Mike been there she could have fed the giraffe but he wasn't and it was too hard for me to do it alone. Mommy got to touch the giraffe though and I was quite proud of myself...for those who don't know me-I am a weeny and scared of quite a bit. Maddie got new sunglasses before we went today because she is always wanting to wear mine. She didn't keep them on her eyes but on her head the majority of the was still so cute! Her favorite thing I think was the monkeys, all of them! Quincy, the chimp, was making her laugh because he was blowing raspberries and then he would grin really big...he has been trained by the family that owns the Zoo, who are in our ward. She thought he was great. Anyway, it was a great day and we can't wait to go back with Daddy and get more pictures and feed the animals!


John & Shannon said...

Yay! I'm so thrilled to know you read my blog....and that you like it! I enjoy reading yours just as much. Maddie is a cutie and I don't blame her for liking the monkeys the best - they are a personal favorite of mine too. Anyway, you have a cute little family and I'm glad this blog stuff can keep us connected! Congrats on your upcoming exciting!

M&A Jury said...

Oh TOOO CUTE! I wanna go to the zoo!! :(

Tamara said...

what fun ya'll are having! such a cute lil kid....are you ready for numero dos???? :)

I love the blog background, btw!! it's really cool!