Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our Big Girl!

So, Maddie went to the doctor today for her slightly past due 15 month check up. This little girl is growing like a weed! While her height came in at 32 1/4 which is in the 90%, it didn't surprise us too much considering her Daddy but the fact that she was just in the 75% at a year she showed us that growing is what she needed to do. However, the biggest shock came with her weight and it not being more than it was! Have you all seen her thighs?!!! Her Meema was quite in shock as well when I told her she weighed in at 23.2 pounds, which was the 50% and that she wasn't in the 90% for her weight as well. I would say she hides it well but that isn't quite right! Her head surprised me as. Like her Daddy, she has had a smaller than average sized head since she was born. At her 12 month the Dr. put it this way, "I wouldn't be alarmed because her head hasn't shrunk any, but it hasn't grown any at all either." With that being said, she made up for lost time this time and has an "average" sized head now! She did a lot better with the Dr. than her last visit and I owe it all to "How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?" She loves that book and made strides of improvement, thank goodness. She did get a shot and I, as a mother, love and hate it all at the same time. I hate for the obvious reason that my child suffers pain but I love it for the fact that I get some good snuggle time with my girl! She got a cool pink camouflage band-aid though and that helped calm her some. She was such a big girl and we are so proud of her!

With that being said Maddie has also been a bit sick lately. Tuesday afternoon she woke from her nap and shortly thereafter started running quite the fever. She laid on Mom, not allowing me to get dinner or anything else done, and then as soon as Daddy walked in the door she wanted nothing to do with me until bed time. She loves her Daddy for sure! After a bad night of sleep last night she is doing a lot better today and boy are we glad. We now hope that she will sleep good tonight, we'll cross our fingers!


Kimchi Chronicles said...

Yes I would think after seeing her parents that she is going to be a tall slender gorgeous thing!
I'm with you...I hate the shots for them, but love the cuddle and sleepy time after. If only 3 year olds would do that too! LOL. jk
I hope she is feeling better today.

Steph said...

Cute, cute Family and blog! Do you ever take a BAD picture? You brat :) What are siblings up to these days? I haven't heard much about them! Shots are the worst! I, too, love the post-shot-cuddles!

Evan and Jamie said...

What a big girl!! The sad thing is Chase was taller and weighed more at his one year visit!! Crazy big boy!! She's adorable. Glad that she's doing good!

Hendry Happenings said...

It is amazing how little you get done when you have a sick kiddo. I just have to remind myself that this little person is "my job" and if I get nothing else done, it doesn't matter!