Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Little Mess!

Maddie got to start feeding herself her yogurt yesterday and boy did she have fun! She actually looks quite clean in this picture but today was a completely different story! She uses her spoon pretty well but still loves to use her other hand too...luckily, I left her topless today so it wasn't too bad but still so cute! She got really upset when it was all gone and I don't think it was because she was still hungry, she just loved getting messy and being a big girl!

Now, speaking of loving to get messy...she loved what Mom let her do yesterday! She likes to sit up with us on the counter and "help" us make dinner. I know, it doesn't sound safe but we are there all the time or she gets down with us. Anyway, she got to sit on the other counter this time...where the sink is, while Mommy peeled potatoes. Well, as soon as the water was turned on it was all over! So, since we, at this point, don't have to pay for water I let her have some fun! She liked to use the measuring cups and spoons and so she got to. I think Daddy was thinking Mommy had lost her mind when he got home but... she was happy and why not? It was fun for us both, I liked watching her have so much fun and I didn't mind having to soak up the floor!

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