Friday, May 9, 2008

Here he comes!!

Okay, so we decided to find out everyone's guesses for the date of this baby's arrival! I am 34 weeks tomorrow and we are getting excited and oh so nervous all at the same time...2 kids!! I guess it is too late to think...what were we thinking so soon!? No, we are so grateful to be bringing this little bundle of joy to our family and looking forward to the new things he will teach us! Maddie is preparing the best she can. She has days that she carries around her baby and it is always a relief that she treats it so kindly. She is also kissing Mommy's belly and trying her best to say baby. If we go anywhere she gets so excited to see a baby; the other night at Wal-Mart she made someone stop their stroller so she could look at the "bayh." It was really cute! Anyway, so we got mostly families guesses and thought we would share...some of them are on my "bad" list! For those who don't know, the c-section is scheduled for the 24th-if I don't go on my own before then... my due date is the 21st and I had a c-section with Maddie. So, here is the list of family guesses and some very extended family!

12th-Mary+Carsyn...I love you two!
15th-Matthew+Mikey(Daddy), his Father's Day present is what he proposes
18th-Kaylee, Grandpa, Jane, Terra, and ME (Mommy)
19th-Addie, Tracy, Ryan, Jeff, Meema
20th-Mabie Family+Chase
22nd-Jocie, Kallie, Margie, Kate, Papa(who also thinks it will still be a c-section-thanks!)
23rd-Jared, Buff, Kelli, Grandma, Pampa
24th-Aaron+Jamie-who are now on my poo-poo list!

So, if you want to be added let me know and you will be put on there! We have quite the range so...whatever will do! And I will post a belly pic as soon as I get a good and recent one!


Jennifer said...

Kallie's first guess when asked to choose between 14 & 24 was 65!!

Jen said...

the 20th- because the 20th starts with a 2 and this is your second baby!! Great guess!! Were going to rock on this. We are the best guessers. huh is that spelled right? Anyway were thinking the

Jen and Ben

Evan and Jamie said...

Carsyn thinks 12or8 all said together!?? New number I think!!