Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day...a few days late!

I am a few days late I realize in getting this posted but...better late than never right? I wouldn't feel right if I didn't express my gratitude for motherhood! What a blessing it is to be a mother and to have the mothers that I do in my life. I am so grateful for my mom who did all she could even though life circumstances were difficult and very trying the majority of the time. I love her so much and am grateful for the things that I have learned from her. I am so grateful as well for a mother-in-law who I love so much! I could never express my gratitude enough for her raising a son who is so amazing and so wonderful as a husband, a father and a son of God. Through these women and others in my life I feel that they are shaping me as a mother and person and I will forever be grateful for them and the women that they are. I had a wonderful Mother's Day!! Maddie was so cute brining me my card and candle and Mike was just adorable! I felt so much how much they loved me and that was a great feeling! I was even more grateful to be carrying a child once more and to feel the importance of motherhood. Again, what a blessing it is to be a mother and I am so grateful for this opportunity that Father has given me! Happy be-lated Mother's Day to all you women out there whether you have borne children or not, we are all mother's in our own ways! May we all blessed to feel of our importance and divinity!


Kimchi Chronicles said...

All I can say is ,"Awe..to be a Mom and know other Mom's like you. What a wonderful blessing".

Love you!

emilyandjordangreen said...

hear, hear....or is it here, here?...Happy Mothers Day!