Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Fun

Life has finally slowed down a little bit!! Mike was having to fix one of the cars pretty much all last week and so he would get home from work and we wouldn't see him. He was also on call so when he wasn't working on the car it seemed that he was on the phone or computer getting parts for various companies. So, Thursday we decided, even though he was still on call, that we needed some serious family time that included ice cream from the one and only Brusters! Mmmmm! Since Maddie is under a certain height she got her very own free kiddie cone and boy did she enjoy it! It was a nice break for us and we had a lot of fun together.

Saturday, we went garage saleing for the first time together and we had a ton of fun with that too! Maddie loaded up and is now thoroughly enjoying her new toys. While we weren't very good hagglers, I am sure that we will get it eventually. The whole day was fabulous. We came home from about 2-2.5 hours of that and Maddie hadn't wet her pants at all! We had put her in a pull up considering we weren't exactly in the right situation for potty time and she held it the entire time! We were so very impressed. I wouldn't say that things are perfect in that area yet but...she does great! Anyway, after that impressiveness we all took a nice long nap, or tried to. Daddy and Maddie slept great while Mom couldn't get any sleep-the fun of being near the end of pregnancy! Then we just enjoyed the rest of the day. Mike finished the car pretty quickly and then Mom got to go out and run some errands ALONE! It was great. I am so grateful for my family and love them so much and was glad to have a weekend that wasn't "planned."

Maddie's "happy" face for the camera!


emilyandjordangreen said...

That sounded like such a good weekend! I'm not much for haggling. I leave that up to Jordan!

Jen said...

Sounds like you guys scored at the yard sale too!! Maddie looks so cute with her princess table!!

Kimchi Chronicles said...

Crazy how the family can miss Dad so much when he has things to do in the evenings consistently. It's just not quite the same without Daddy and Hubby time. ~It's nice though... means he is loved and that he is doing a wonderful job as father and husband if he is missed that much even when he is in the house. It was the same with Sean when he was studying everynight for his MCSE certs.

Well... I just think your family is wonderful. You truly have the spirit with you, and I love hanging around you because of it. Thanks for being you!

Oh..and congratulations to little Maddie! Sounds like she is doing great with the potty ! Wohoo!!

Evan and Jamie said...

Looks like fun!! I don't haggle either. If it's too much I just don't buy it. Evan is more the haggler!! Kind of fun!! Love you guys!

Hendry Happenings said...

Maddie looks ever so impressed with her new Cinderella make-up shop. That was one of Macall's favorite. I am so impressed that she can stay dry for so long. Maybe I will send Carrington over and you can send her back when you are done!

What's up with the Walkers! said...

You are always so good to comment on my blog; however, I just realized you had one through Shannon (my sisters) blog. I had no idea, just that you were reading mine and I loved your comments. The pictures are great, she is getting so big. My favorite is the behind shot on the potty!