Thursday, August 21, 2008

Painting Princess

This week we went to the $1 Tree and Maddie got to pick something out. She picked out a Princess Poster Paint Set and was so excited! We didn't do it for a couple of days but when we did boy did she have fun! When she was done painting she decided she would play with the paint water and the next thing I hear...I turned around for a minute...was slurp slurp! Eeewww, she drank it and that was when we were REALLY done. It was fun to watch her though, she had a blast!


The Juries!! said...

She's ready for MeeMaa Day Camp-- we had paint water drinkers. It's betteer that they drink the water than spill it.

Minda said...

Shannon, I ate the paint when I was little too. I don't think it hurt me any, but that might just be me. :)

Steph said...

Hey Shannon,
thanks for the encouragement...I think that's really what we, as stay-at-home-mothers,need. Just to know that we're appreciated, not alone, and not forgotten about :) Hey, how do you do your blogs? Did you buy some sort of program? The only way I knew how to do mine was teach myself computer language and write the HTML which takes FOREVER. My blog is in dire need of a makeover. We can keep tabs on eachother if you'd like...ya know, work-out partners from a distance :)