Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We have painted Maddie's toenails only one other time and it was a LONG time ago! She wouldn't let me do it again until now and it was fun! Then I had to paint mine too because that was one of the things I kept saying to get her to hold still. Mommy/Daughter Fun!


The Juries!! said...

Give me those toes to chomp on!! Not yours, Shannon!

kelie said...

I love that Maddie's legs are tanner than yours. Jenna's legs look like a Mexican's next to my white pasties.

Evan and Jamie said...

I love painting nails with Carsyn!! It's so girlie!! Wait until she picks out three colors and wants them all--it really happened last month and I ended up with quite the colorful nails to go to my yearly women's appt!! LOL It was a nice change from the usual conversation that goes on!