Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Boy!

Our Patrick is not quite so little anymore! We find out Friday how big he is exactly but as you can see...he is growing like a weed! We have a similar picture of Maddie at this age, the only difference I think is that his beely is bigger but her thighs were WAY bigger! :D It is so fun to compare the two-their similarities and is just fun to have kids!

This is a very blurry picture but, Maddie likes to be a helper and get Partick toys to "play" with. As you can see, she doesn't want to leave anything out!


The Juries!! said...

Give that belly a big, juicy rasberry!

Debbie said...

Man, I just wrote up a huge comment and pushed the close button before sending it. So, now I get to do it all over again.
These pics of Patrick look a lot like some of your baby pics Shan. Isn't he adorable? The pic of the toys is hilarious-what a great big sister :).
Tell Maddie, grandma loves her toenails. Tell her grandma, aunt Terra and aunt Michelle all painted our nails last night for the girls to get ready for their first day of school today. Michelle has a dark pink like you except she has white polka dots on them :):):). Terra and I have just a pretty pink!
Don't we love being girls?
Shan I have enjoyed talking with you on the phone. Thanks
Hope you guys have a great week. Love the pics.
All MY LOve