Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank You "Family Fun"

Today we had a playdate with some friedns here and it was a good time! Thank you to the "Family Fun" magazine we had a great time making Mini Caramel Apples-even though there was nothing caramel about them! They were mmmm, deeelicious! The kids had fun dipping them in the sprinkes, both the variety sprinkles and chocolate ones and there was also coconut but no one seemed to want that one. I tried to get a good pic. of it but no such luck. You melt peanut butter chips or butterscotch or whatever flavor you want, scoop out apple with a melon baller and pop it on a sucker stick (we used popsicle sticks-couldn't find sucker sticks), dip it in the melted substance and them dip into sprinkles or whatever else-nuts, coconut, etc. Then enjoy...mmmm-they are perfect size too! Anyway, it was fun-wish I had thought to get pictures before the kids left!

On another kids are napping at the same time!!! Thank you to whoever loves me!!! They went down around the same time too-amazing-this is a first! Let's just cross our fingers they both take a good nap!


Lambert the Sheepish Lions said...

Oh man..sounds super yummy!~

Jen said...

Nicolas has made several comments about his "chocolate apple" What a huge hit! Then tonight I was tucking him in and he told me how much he loves Julia-then there was a long pause....and...another long pause...I love Maddie too. Awhhhh I think he thinks 'lil Madds is part of the fam. It was so cute. I think she won him over with the apple! :)