Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Weeds You Keep...Forever!

Our big boy is now in his crib and sleeping so good!
Our beautiful little princess...most of the time! :D

My kids are the weeds! They are both growing like crazy! They had their 18 months and 2 months appointments yesterday and blew us away with their growth! Maddie is actually 19.5 months now and Patrick is 2.5 months but this was when they could get them in at the same time. Maddie checked in at 34.5 in-97% and 25.6 lbs-50%. The Dr. said she didn't have any wonders as far as her speech progress because Maddie was going to town. She also showed the Dr. her left and right hands and feet! She is so silly! Patrick, as we figured was long, checked in at 25 in-95% and 13 lbs-~75%. Did I ever think my kids would be short? Not even maybe but it still came as a shock. We love them so much and are so grateful they are part of our life-our home is such a different place with them here. Although they both came at times we didn't necessarily plan, we are so grateful they did!


Richardson Family said...

Maddie has such cute legs, it makes you want to just pinch them! They are so cute!

What's up with the Walkers! said...

Already in his own bed! I'm so jealous, we've tried moving Preston into his room multiple times now and no luck. Until he sleeps better its just easier to have him in our room. What's your secret to a good nights sleep?

Megan and Jeff said...

I can't believe how fast they grow. He looks so big already! What a cute family!