Saturday, December 20, 2008


We cannot even believe our little Patrick has hit the 6 month mark! He actually hit it Tuesday but I have been slow getting to this post and even slower taking some pictures, so we're posting a couple of videos instead. He is sitting up pretty well now and is saying, "da-da". He is getting around by reaching with extensive force, which moves him slightly but he makes it across the room after a good amount of time. He is nothing but grins and giggles and is such a joy to our family! He LOVES Maddie and has now started laughing at her, which is the best thing ever! We love you Bubs!


The Juries!! said...

I knew he was 6 months old-- but I didn't realize he was really that old!!

Melinda said...

Cute videos. He is doing great!

Hendry Happenings said...

You are living large. I think that babies are so much easier when they hit this "golden" age! Enjoy!