Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cookie Creations

Since Mike, Patrick and I have been doing the Miracle of Christmas for the past 2 nights and tonight being the 3rd, Maddie has been having all sorts of fun too! The 1st night she spent the evening being watched, at the Zoo, by her favorite and only babysitter-Sherise-and she had so much fun and was so good. Then last night, our wonderful friends, Diane and Nate, took her to decorate cookies at their house with some other friends of ours-the Lovelands. She had a blast! From what we hear she LOVED decorating the cookies, and munching on the goodies in the meantime. We are so glad she is able to have such fun and we love her sooo much! Thank you so much Diane and Nate-we love you guys!

Sprinkling the cookies
Yummy and fun!
Haha-I am sooo good at this!
Just cute!
Maddie and Diane



Super cute pictures!

The Juries!! said...

I suggested the elephants could be the baby sitters-- you know they will rock and sing to the youngens, but alas no elephants in the zoo. This seems just as good!!

kelie said...

I forgot you guys were playing Mary and Joseph at the zoo!! I hope you're taking some pics, I've got to see that!

Jen said...

The cookies look pretty tasty!

Debbie said...

Makes me wish we were together to decorate cookies!! She is having so much fun and cute too!!]