Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve!

So we, along with a lot of people in this world, have started opening new pajamas on Christmas Eve. Nana sent these out this year for the kiddos and they looked adorable! Mike and I get pajamas too but who wants pics of the parents?! Not grandparents for sure! Anyway, we then read the story of Christ's birth in Luke and called it a night about 7:15. Mr. and Mrs. Claus had a lot of work to do. The kids decided they didn't want to go to sleep though, of course. Being in the Miracle of Christmas really threw them off their routine. (Pictures are coming-as soon as I get them.) So, a LONG night laid ahead of us, but it was still fun!

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Steph said...

Shannon, you look SO pretty! And I LOPVE looking at your blog. It's been over 2 weeks so I've had some serious catching up to do. Your kids are adorable!!! Patrick is sitting up so well!! Afton is still wobbly in that department...heehee. We won't tell her that she couldn't sit up without falling at 7 months! How are YOU doing these days?