Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Morning!

We stole our friend's, the Lovelands, tradition of making cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning and boy are we glad! It was great having the smell of them sifting through the house as we opened our presents. It wasn't fun rolling them out at 1:30 AM though and getting them ready for the morning. We were up putting Maddie's kitchen together-it took forever! Mike sliced his finger pretty good in the process. I found it pretty funny later when he was telling me how I should hold the knife! :D If anyone needs a good cinnamon roll recipe let me know-and this is for a bread maker. Some random pics from later that morning too.
Mmmm, is your mouth watering yet?
Momma's Boy!
Mmmm, ice cream!

Santa came!
Christmas morning was wonderful! Maddie climbed in our bed, along with Patrick, and showed us what Santa left her in her pillowcase. As you can see from the last picture, she LOVED the ring pop...and all other candy she got! Patrick got toys in his and has liked them as well and chewed and chewed on them! Maddie loves her kitchen set and all her food and Patrick has enjoyed new "big boy" toys to play with. They loaded up on gifts from grandparents and aunts and cousins too-they made out like bandits for sure-as did we! Thank you so much everyone! It was so fun to watch them have fun and play all day.

Maddie finally gets to try soda...well, kind of!
This is the funnest thing I have ever played with!
Does anyone need anything heated up?
Ooh, a cool giraffe thing!
Yes! Candy at 7:30 AM-life doesn't get much better!


kelie said...

Looks like you did it up right! The cinnamon rolls look yummy too. I can never make cinnamon rolls that turn out well.

Mandy said...

Emmy got that same kitchen from Santa last year - - no kidding about the assembly!!

Yummy cinnamon rolls!!

Merry Christmas

Jamison Family said...

Sorry I haven't posted a comment before now. Your family is so cute, I have read your blog a couple of times now. I just wanted to comment on your kitchen. Our little girl is 16 months old and she also got a kitchen - no assembly required! How? Craigslist - I am addicted! We found a Step 2 Lifestyle for $10.00! (Just missing one drawer) We replaced it with one $1.00 basket and volia! An $11.00 kitchen. The best part - Scott retained all of his fingers! :)
The Jamisons
Scott, Courtney, Hiram, Olivia and Baby

The Juries!! said...

Fab!!! Pack up those babies in an extra box and send them out!!

The Juries!! said...

and a roll, too!!


Kitchens are a wonderful, no fail present, but Hailey's took forever to put together a couple of years ago too. They need to put a warning on the box. Sounds like it was a great Christmas though!

Hendry Happenings said...

Looks like your household was pretty darn good this year. I agree with Maddie, life does not get much better than candy at 7:30 am!