Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Maddie Girl

We cannot express in words the amazing love you have brought into our lives, Maddie. You came at time that the Lord knew we needed you and we couldn't feel more grateful or blessed. As we look at you we find a joy and happiness we didn't know we could feel. So many things we love about you! You have grown into such a beautiful little angel and a wonderful big sister! We are so glad you are a part of our family and for all the things you have and continue to teach us. A few things we love about you:
  • Your beautiful big brown eyes and those bouncy little curls
  • How you can be so naughty and then flash that big cheeser of a grin and make us laugh
  • Your laugh, one of the most beautiful sounds in the world
  • How you are such a Daddy's girl and how you call his name
  • How much you love Bubs-and how protective you are of him
  • Your hugs and kisses
  • How motherly you are

Ultimately we love everything about you! You couldn't be more perfect in our eyes. We love you so much and look forward to a new year full of learning, love and laughter with you! Happy Birthday! And thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts!

A little blurry but her right eye is the scratched one


kelleen said...

Happy belated birthday Maddie!
Hope you are feeling better soon-sorry Shannon that you had such an awful week! Hope this one is WAAY better for you. Can't wait til Thurs!

Lisa R said...

Maddie is to cute! I hope she is feeling better so she can enjoy all of her fun new toys!

The Juries!! said...

You go Madds!!

Diane said...

Maddie is so adorable! And I was really glad to see a few new posts...I need to do that! Love you guys!

Lambert the Sheepish Lions said...

AWE...Happy Birthday Maddie! Looks like you're feeling a bit better!

P.S. Super cute background!

Jones Family said...

I didn't know it was her birthday. She is so sweet. Glad you guys are feeling better.