Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just taking some pics of the kids in all their silliness-or Maddie's that is. She wanted to put on her bathing suit, and so she did! The first 2 pics were edited but for some reason it didn't show up, oh well.

She now counts with me, I get to 2 and she says, "3, CHEESE!" and does this!
She now insists on holding Bubs!A good shot of those teeth-he's had them for a month
Another shot


Evan and Jamie said...

So cute! What is Maddie wearing in the top pic? I'm concerned! Love you guys!!


The Juries!! said...

Those teeth are the cutest! He is gaining them while Jocie is losing them!

Jones Family said...

Is she going to join the polar bear club?! :)She looks cute in her swimming suit

Jen said...

What a style diva that little Maddie is! Love the swim suit pics. Patrick looks so much older all of a sudden with teeth! Wow!!!