Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I felt bad posting pics yesterday and having none of Patrick so this is his post! He is getting soo big! He is all over the place. He mostly just army crawls, however, he can crawl regularly he just doesn't want to. He is pulling himself up on things and just experiencing so many new things right now. He no longer eats baby food, except for cereal in the morning, and he hasn't for a while now. It is so cute to watch him "chew." His top 2 teeth are STILL no through yet but we can see them, they're just waiting to cut through. He is still all smiles and our happy boy. He will be 9 months on the 16th so we will have a size update then. We love you Mr. Man!

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The Juries!! said...

Give that Bubs a chomp on the cheeks for me!!

Diane said...

He is sure adorable! I can hardly believe how big he is now!!!