Monday, March 23, 2009


No pictures to post today just some words...really some serious rambling. My house is falling apart and I am sitting here typing a post, could I be any better? Seriously what is the point in even attempting to clean up until BOTH kids go down for a nap? When I say falling apart I am not speaking lightly. Maddie is REALLY into playing with EVERYTHING and doesn't grasp the concept of picking up as she goes. Patrick thoroughly enjoys it though because he has a lot to play with as well! Just a little bit ago Madds brought me 2 baby dolls and ordered me to put bibs on them and then put them in her and Bub's seats at the table and got out food from the fridge to "feed" them. Crazy girl!
Yesterday at church I went in the nursery to ask them how Maddie does in there...Mike usually picks her up and forgets to ask how she did. They told me that she has a very "dominant personality" and all I could do was laugh; she also is very "motherly" and again I only laughed. It is sooo true. Our poor kids, their Daddy was a crazy kid and their mother is a crazy adult-their doomed! I also asked Maddie the other day, which has now become a daily thing, what she dreamt about..."Jesus." She proceeds to tell me now that, "Bub's dream Jesus too!" She is so matter of fact about it-it's pretty cute. She is talking so well and growing up so much!
Patrick got his top 2 teeth in completely now and it is great! Only one feeding was not so fun but other than that he is so much happier and sleeping so much better! Thank the heavens! Oh, and he is clapping now! It is so cute and Maddie is the one who did it, he LOVES his big sister!
Mike is doing great in school, making A's! He has done great on his tests and all his work. We are so proud of his hard work and we are excited that his projected grad date is the summer of 2011! He is also working hard at work and has a lot on his plate there. Thankfully his boss has kept his title as "Inside Sales" instead of "Outside" due to the slowdown in the economy and considering it is all commission. However, he is doing all the work of both titles and it is tiring. Thank you honey for all you do-you're doing an amazing job! Also, Mikey's birthday isn't until next month but he got his birthday present early this year-a family trip to MO!!!! I couldn't wait and needed his help with the plans so... His face lit up and he was so happy! He really misses his family-especially all our nieces and nephews! It will be great to see them in May!
I am plugging along. I have started projects as I said I would-with the sewing machine-however, I am currently having some problems with the machine and can't complete them quite yet. I have to fix it fast because I am making an Easter skirt for myself and also a nursing cover and would like to complete that and use it before I am done nursing. Primary is good-always something to do. We had an activity last weekend and it went pretty good-always things to improve but it is done and I think the kids enjoyed it. Now on to finishing planning and preparation for the one in May. I am so glad the weather is getting better, walking is calling my name, I need some regular exercise! Basketball has been good but not daily or even weekly sometimes. Our last game is this week-well, I think we will lose so it should be our last game. I am not being negative but we have only won one game-our first-and we had 15 people on our team, which has not been the case since. It has been a ton of fun-I didn't realize how much I missed it.
So, I told you...rambling! I am done now and will let you all get back to your other blog checking...if you haven't before this point! :)


Andrew and Nicki Drysdale said...

I love it! I'm so glad that you ALL are doing so well. I'm incredibly sad that we'll miss you in May! Not fair :( We love you guys!

The Juries!! said...

I was all excited about the 2011 date-- but then someone had to go and tell me that 2011 was NOT next summer!:(

Kate said...

we can't wait to see you!! and to get that fam picture updated!!

Jamison Family said...

Now that you have your cover, go for a sling. I made and used mine with Olivia until she was 13 months. Now I make them for friends, complete with matching covers and wipe cases!

Hendry Happenings said...

So glad to hear that I am not the only person living in a bomb. I am amazed at how fast Carrington can turn a room upside down. Misery loves company!

Steph said...

Oh you always make me feel so normal! I always ask the dead space in front of me, I'm like, "where can I srsly find the time to blog and craft to my hearts content?" and STILL I have YET to get a reply. I love that I'm not the only one that sneaks away to blog every now and then and just lets the house go! Because really. Who will remember the clutteryness of the house 10 years from now anyway! But you'll always have those skirts! And those hooters will forever be hidden!