Monday, June 22, 2009

HOT, HOT, But So Fun!

It has been a HOT place here on the east coast, or in the "South" as Virginians call it. We went outside Friday night and played while Daddy cut the grass and Mommy pulled weeds. It was very hot and humid this weekend and Mike and I are sweaters so needless to say our children inherited that awful thing from us. Maddie was drenched by the time we went inside -poor girl. But, we had fun and the kids LOVED playing with the neighbors cat. Also, some pictures of our little missy who likes to dress up in ANYTHING! Silly girl!


Jamison Family said...

We know a little about hot down here too! When it got "cold" (50 degrees) this past "winter" Hiram was outside in a short sleeved shirt and shorts when he turned to me and said, "Mama, I'm not sweating!" It is a rare day in Florida when we don't sweat.

Carolina said...

I love your new picture at the top of your blog. Isn't DC wonderful?!?! That is such a great pic of your family at the memorial :D

Debbie Lunt said...

Time to make popsicles!!!!