Monday, December 28, 2009

So Blessed

Well, we hope that Christmas found you all as happy and well as it did us. We had a wonderful Christmas! It was even more fun this year because Maddie could understand the true meaning and she was full of excitement for Santa and understood him a lot more too. We feel so blessed to have so much especially during this economic time. We truly are grateful for our Savior and this time of year to celebrate His birth and life. Here is a big glimpse of our holiday season...

It started the Friday before with Santa and our ward Christmas Party

Then we got this that night and all into the next evening-11 inches, not real usual here in Ric,VA.

Then the fun of Christmas Eve jammies!

Then...Here comes Santa Clause-or his gifts rather.

Maddie's favorite gift was her new baby doll/highchair/crib/stroller combo...Baby Chloe was the name picked! :)

Patchy was glued to Daddy all day...and the old microwave! :)

We later went caroling at a nursing home with some of our great friends and then headed over to some other friends and played games...the Monopoly card game is the funnest and we highly recommend it! Merry Christmas!



Looks like a great christmas! Cute kids!

kelleen said...

Darling pictures--the igloo looks like a ton of fun! SO glad you guys came with us and gave us some courage! You are such a sweet family, we love you!

Jen said...

Glad you guys had a great Christmas and the kids enjoyed all the snow! I can't beleive how big Patrick is getting, he is one tall fella!!! Such a cute fam!

The LaBrue Crew said...

Shannon, Maddie looks just like you! She is such a beautiful little girl! Both of your kids look very sweet & like a lot of fun! You have a beautiful family!