Sunday, February 28, 2010

Giveaways to Check Out!

It's that time again...giveaway on Optimistic Obsessions. And it is even cuter than the last time-hard to believe, I know, but it is! Check it out...


Now, if I could look this good in it...that would be the best part! ;)
Check out those seriously FABULOUS shoes!

Check out her blog, it will make you laugh and cry and definitely help you start trying to see some positive things in your own day!

The 2nd giveaway-if you have cute kids-which I know most of you do-is over at Sugar Bee-Craft Edition ! You all MUST know by now that I adore Mandy and all her fabulous talent. Her blog is makin it's way and there is also a GREAT giveaway by a sponser on her blog. YAY for Mandy, her talent and her blog and this cute giveway!!

Check this cute, cute chair out, for you cutie's room!

I LOVE the chair Mandy did'll have to head to her blog to see it though! :)

For both these giveways: head over to their blogs and find out how to enter, just make sure you have time or you will get stuck scrolling back through ALL of their posts! ;)

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