Thursday, March 4, 2010

Need of the Week...a bit late

I am a bit late this week getting this out but for a reason. I have been super busy but then got super sick as well. So, my need this week was already fulfilled, but thought I would share anyway. Because it was some kind of raunchy (yes, raunchy) stomach bug that is going around NOTHING sounded good to eat or drink. Then came the desire for some coke-diet only-and some of the only "sick soup" that I eat...the one and only Lipton's Chicken Noodle (yummy). To these 2 items I owe much love!!! And to my dear and sweet husband who picked up this lovely beverage on his way home from class-at 10:00 pm-I definitely LOVE YOU more than ANYTHING!!

While I don't drink soda often, this I can handle and LOVE and have a hard time pulling myself away from.

Oh Lipton, How I LOVE THEE!

So, what is or was YOUR need this week? C'mon guys, I only had 4 responses last week-I know we ALL need something! BTW-Crystal's was DEFINITELY the winner for her need and for making me laugh!

P.S. I thought our little Madds was getting sick yesterday, it has been confirmed-I stopped in the middle of this post to feed the kids lunch...well, before she started eating, her breakfast made a reappearance. Poor girl. Looks like more T.V. today and more cleaning tomorrow. So, to add to my list of things I need this week, let's add juice and Lysol spray! ;)


buff said...

have I ever told you my stomach yuck food for kids? let them eat fruit snacks. when it comes up (and it will), it smells sooooo much better!

Diane said...

So my need this week is for new shoes. Okay, so it's just a want, but I really want some new patent leather red heels...if only Kohls had them in my size....All they had were sizes way too big!