Friday, March 12, 2010

Confessions of a Blogaholic (WARNING: thoughts of an emotional crazy woman)

Last night I was sitting at the computer working on my lesson for Sunday, ya know, finding other material and trying to better understand the concepts that need to be taught. Anyway, somewhere between that and getting off the computer the thoughts of "what if tomorrow were it for me, what if it was my last day here on this earth? How would I spend my day? would I treat it as I did today? how would I make the day better that day than the day before? how would I get across to my family how much I love them and leave them with great memories?" The truth is we really don't ever know when our time is up. Honestly, I live my life with the thought of there is no way today is my last day. I will start losing weight tomorrow, I will be a better wife tomorrow, I will be a better mom tomorrow, a friend, a teacher, an example, etc.

Well, I decided by the time my computer shut down that the time was now. This is where my confession comes in...I am a blogaholic and it is affecting all these areas I would like to improve. It is what keeps making me say tomorrow. There, I have said it...ooohh, I feel better already. But really, I am. I LOVE blog-hopping and reading and I spend WAY too much time doing it. WAY too much time away from my children and too many times saying, "Just a minute...I'll be right there...Please, wait a couple more minutes...Hang on..." You get the picture. Well, I realized last night during my "soul-searching" that today is the day...blogging/blog-reading gets put on the back burner, not my family or my life. So, how is it that I am on here typing away? Well, it is nap-time and quiet time...aka: some computer time for Mom, I emphasize "some" because I do need to take this time to do other things that are helpful to do without kids around and would ulitmately take time away from them if they were up. TODAY is my day and everyday after!

It is interesting to me or ironic that I happened upon yet another blog today and a post that applied directly to me and my thoughts at this time...hop over here for a minute or two and read what I read-have a box of Kleenex though. It will be the post titled, "Pictures in my Mind". The entire blog is beautiful and the amazing journey of a family who has suffered tremendous difficulty and are getting through it.

So, I AM a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, example, teacher, etc. TODAY!

Just a few pictures that make me happy...

           Really, can you get much cuter???                                             Or more handsome???

Or more beautiful??? 

 Again, or more handsome? He was playing peek-a-boo with the shower curtain.

Man, we have some cute kids! Being a big boy and tryingto go potty on the pot!


Mandy said...

hey Shannon - when I got the MArch Ensign a few weeks ago, and on the cover it said "Is Technology Interfering with Your Personal Revelation?" I knew it was talking to me!!!

The Juries!! said...

You better keep on blogging!!!

Jen said...

I think its simply about finding balence in our lives amidst the craziness. :)

Lisa R said...

Ha! David has said I need to spend less time on line as well. For me it's kind of a distraction from all the craziness that is going on in the house. It's also a social outlet in a way, since I don't always have the time to talk or keep in touch with distant friends, etc. Excuses, excuses, right! I agree though, family first!!!