Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Need of the Week

It's that time again. So, what is my NEED this week? Again, not so much a need, just a BIG want. Since we have had some nice warm weather these past few days and it seems to be sticking around for awhile I am craving SHOES! Not sandals or anything but pumps...why pumps? I have no idea, but I do mean CRAVING! My sister-in-law Buff and my other sister-in-law Margie are the queen of
FAB-U-LOUS heals. Man do I wish I lived close to them and could steal borrow them!

Don't ya just itch for some of these?

MMMmmm, yummy-food for the feet! The yellow ones look delicious!
I would probably fall in these, they are a bit taller than I normally wear but oh well, I could finally kiss my husband without breaking my neck...or his back! ;)

Again I ask...

What is YOUR need this week?

By the way, head on over to Make It and Love It and check out the giveaway by She Wears Flowers. Maddie and I personally love the little Blue and Green Spring Patterned Knot Dress...too cute for words!


Lisa R said...

I would really like a fence for our back yard. I am not sure if we will be here or not next year so I don't know if it is worth putting the money into a wooden fence, but it really is a must! Especially with the nice weather we are having!!!

3 Billy Goats Duff said...

try for fabulous shoes... flats as well as heels! my new favorite site!

Diane said...

too bad we aren't the same shoe size....but that's my need this week too!!