Friday, April 16, 2010

thank goodness

it's Friday!

We are looking forward to a nice, nothing-to-do weekend. Ahh, that will be nice. Maybe hit a few yard sales, play outside, go for a family run and ultimately just enjoy spending time as a family. Sounds like a delicious weekend to me.

Have a fabulous weekend yourself. Eat some good food and be happy, life is good!


Steph said...

AMen! THanks for this post!
...and LOVE your header picture! IS that an Easter picture?

kelleen said...

good for you--you deserve some relaxation; and by the way, you inspired me to train far so good :)

Jones Family said...

I think you are the only one who looks at our blog & leaves a comment anymore! :) So I feel it's only right I pass along the compliment.

PS how is the running going??