Thursday, April 15, 2010


Do you ever feel like your days just don't seem to end?? That's been me as of late...especially last night. I have been up by 6:05 every morning to run by 6:30 which has been great-I have more time to get stuff done and I love the few minutes of the morning completely alone to prepare myself for the day. Add potty-training to the mix (we made a small break-through just this morning) and a daughter that is getting up in the night though I need to say more?? I am tired and I miss my husband. The nights he's in school-two nights in a row-make it last even longer.

Could I complain more? Yeah, probably, but life is good. My life's not perfect-each day has more than it's fair share of ups and downs but it's good and I'm happy. My family is happy and ya know, sitting here thinkin about it, that's all that matters. I guess I'll take the longest days as long as they're happy.

My little man is sitting on his train table in only his t-shirt, looking at a book...that makes me truly is all worth it.

Happy Thursday...try to find something that makes you smile today and hold on to it tight.

or you can find a few things...


Reddington Clan said...

I like the title of the post...blah...pretty much sums up certain motherhood moments.

Colton Anne said...

And just think what we would miss out on being mothers!?!?! Your kids are so stinkin' cute by the way!!

Steph said...

Um. LOVE this post. THanks. I feel like this a lot lately as well. I think Winter can DEFINITELY do this to us! On top of having our best friends gone for any length of time is NEVER fun. I mean, let's face it. Sometimes they are the only adult conversation we get in a day! lol. Add potty-training, bad weather, and an absent husband to the mix and we may not communicate with another adult for a few days. THAT is scary. I feel for yoU! You've got the right attitude...and you're totally allowed to not always look on the bright side ;)