Wednesday, April 14, 2010

oh yeah...

That's right folks, I was actually featured on a craft blog...ME of all people. So, I am a little proud and itchin to do another "craft"! It's a rush to say the least. Thanks Mandy, for doing your "Take-a-Look-Tuesday" and then for featuring my lamp after that-it's an honor! Hop on over there folks and take a look at her site, she's awesome and so are her cute ideas and projects!
By the way...have you been to the blog I follow "Optimistic Obsessions" yet? Well, if you haven't, she also does a cooking blog with a friend of hers, where we can all participate in it as well. It is called "Envy My Cooking". Well, they are doing a giveaway,  a $25.00 giveway to be exact. Head on over there, and when you do you HAVE to check out the scrumpcious looking Canadian Bacon Pizza that I am going to make this weekend.  MMMmmm..

maybe I 'll have to make it now! ;)


Mandy said...

I was just coming over to your blog to give you a heads up - - your lamp was great!

kelleen said...

congrats--you are one amazing woman!!!