Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what am i thinking????

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Patrick is to begin potty training this week...well, that's today. The diapers are out and the big boy underwear on. How is it going? Did you read the title to this post?? ;) No, it isn't too bad...yet. He peed on the potty and finished 3 minutes later...on the wall.


Somehow, this cuteness seems to make it okay...heaven help us.


Reddington Clan said...

I sent an email but its fun to get comments so here goes...
Can you come get me again? No luck with the keys but I have a back up plan.
I hate to interrupt the potty training...I hope it is going well!

Diane said...

You are a brave woman! I told Nate no way am I even attempting before 2, perhaps even 3 with ours. But you are also a much more patient woman! And I LOVE this picture!

Jones Family said...

I am going to let you figure out how the whole boy thing works & then share your secrets with me!!! :)