Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a bit late

oh buddy, i am looking foolishly ungrateful. it is what, 3 days since mother's day and i am finally getting around to this?!

well, with no further adieu. how was your mother's day?

 mine was delightful, thank you.

since church doesn't start until 12:30, my sweet husband let me sleep in. (we have very early risers so this was great)

i woke to the yummy smell of waffles, sausage and juice (just what i wanted) and to the 3 cutest/best parts of my life giving me cards, hugs, flowers and what i really wanted...a Michael Buble cd! yeah, we aren't tech savvy in this house yet-no ipods or shuffles-still cds-perfect though!

mike, then, had to speak in church and it was wonderful-he did a great job. and, I got to hear it! my children decided they wanted to sit with our friends (who our children seem to deem as their 2nd set of parents) but i wasn't in the least bit upset-i got to hear my husband's talk! 

My lesson seemed to go well, which is always a plus, and the rest of church was fabulous.
We went home where the hubby made steak fajitas-yummy-and we had a most perfect evening.

you know, i didn't need any of that though, just as long as i had the loves of my life with me that day, that was all that mattered...

and that i didn't have to change any poopy diapers. ;)

loves to my little family for my making my life beautiful and all that i have ever wanted!

and to the mother's of our mom and mother-in-law, your cards are still in the mail. :(  but, we love you so much and are so grateful for your hand in our lives. for the people you have helped us become and how you continue to shape us through your love and example. thank you for everything. again, we love you.

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