Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh what a night...

last night was that. the boys had a "boys night" going to the stake Daddy/Son campout. they went for a couple hours, long enough to roast hot-dogs and make a smore or two. then, it down-poured, with crazy lightening and thunder. they weren't planning on staying overnight anyway so it kind of worked out just fine. Patch kept telling Daddy about all the bugs and yelling, "Shoo, shoo. Daddy, bug, Daddy, fly. Shoo!" i hear it was pretty funny.

so while the boys were gone?? yeah, Madds and Mommy got to have a "girl's night" and she told everyone in Wally-World all about it as we got stuff to do our nails and snacks to eat. we had a great time, we even put stickers on our nails-kinda weird, but she liked it A LOT. we watched Princess and the Frog and had a great time. we got done with everything right in time for the boys to crash the party. ;)

since we live in the hot and humid amongst mass amounts of trees, checking for ticks was a necessity-gross.
well, we were in luck, just one was found! one on Patch-not yet stuck. good times.

so, our Memorial Day weekend is heading in the right direction. today we do cleaning, and lots of it...yeah. Monday, we will spend time together as a family and it sounds like bliss to me.

(the cutest guys in the world)

(let the fun begin, she is ready to party)

(right before the touch ups-kind of cute though)

have yourselves a wonderful weekend and Happy Memorial Day. i know we will be having thoughts of all those whose lives have been given for us and this great country; to them is our gratitude.

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