Thursday, May 6, 2010

who do you want to be?

Here in this house we are no longer Mike, Shannon, Madilynn and Patrick.
As of last night and today we are now:

Mike: King Triton/Prince Eric
Shannon: Ursula/Ariel #2
Madilynn: Ariel
Patrick: Flounder/Scuttle/Sebastian (Madd's pick)

This began in tub last night and has been oh so funny ever since. We are not allowed to call the kids anything but their new names (according to Madd's...err, I mean Ariel).


who do you want to be?



Kids are so funny! I love the snow cone pics below!

kelleen said...

Mary Poppins--could really get used to being able to sing and snap my fingers and have my children happy and my house clean--ooh, and I could fly with a talking umbrella! :)