Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday and Cinco De Mayo

Since it is the 5th of May, I thought it appropriate to wish you all a Happy Cinco De Mayo. Do we really do anything for it? No, but we are having left over tacos and chimichangas tonight-that panned out well.

However, this is a special day for my fabulous sister Jamie! Happy Birthday to you!! And to celebrate it, me and the kiddos headed to the Zoo for a good time. We also got snow-cones...just for you Jamie!

Snow-cones were a first for these kids and next time I know to strip them down (yes, at the Zoo) and let them go to town in their undies. You'll see why. Funniest thing though was Maddie who says, "Mommy, the ice is in my way." Hahaha! Oh sweet girl, it will always be in your way! I love that little lady.


We love you! 

it's a good thing we like bleach at our house, huh?


Carolina said...

The ice gets in my way too. That's why I'm an ice cream kinda gal. Love the pictures!

kelleen said...

you have such beautiful kids!

Melinda said...

After getting Raina a red 7-11 Slushie, I realized that the best flavor is Pina Colada - much less damaging to clothes!

Evan and Jamie said...

Thanks guys! Would have love to have gone to the zoo with you!!