Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a little inappropriate...

there are some things that i just won't ever get over, won't get over laughing about that is.
i don't want to forget so that i can laugh forever.
with that i have to record just 2 cute/slightly inappropriate for blog sayings from Maddie
yesterday and today.

last night i had YWs and had to drop the kids off at a sweet friend's house because Mike had to get his studying in for his final. so i pick them up and we are on our way home and Maddie says,

"Mom, did you have a good time at your family home teaching?"

No, not inappropriate for the blog (i am getting there), it just made me laugh and think, "oh, at least we are doing a couple of things right."

then, about 10 minutes ago...

(Hollering from the bathroom) "MOM, I need you to come and wipe my bottom and look at my poo-poo!"
for some reason this was hysterical to me.
and then to hear her say, "okay Mom, you see my poo-poo, can I have a piece of candy now?"
oh, the joys of motherhood-the things that make us laugh now, that back in the day might have made us vomit.
 i love being a mom, everyday of the wiping bums, cleaning off spaghetti covered faces and chairs, the fits that make me want to throw a fit and say "i want my mom", the way our kiss can make a bad boo-boo be all better in an instant, and especially when your little people tell you "i love you" and hold onto your neck like they don't ever want to let go.

it's all so worth it...

even the "blog-inappropriate" stuff, like "poo-poo".

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Debbie Lunt said...

It brings back a lot of memories!!
I am happy to see what great moms my girls are.
I love you