Monday, August 9, 2010

Ahhh, a new week

Do you ever have those weeks that start and you think to yourself, "ugh, another week, here we go?" Well, I do...but not this week! I am stoked for a new week. It could be in part to the fact that we find out Thursday what we are having or it could be the fact that this is the first week to have "normalcy" (if that is such a thing) since our trip that began 6 weeks ago.

We are doing laundry and cleaning and organizing today and throughout this week but I am actually pumped up about it...weird, I know. The kids' schedules have changed, back to normal, just since our house emptied out. Mike does have a final this week which will put a kink in things but you what? That means that when he is done, we get him for almost 3 weeks, with NO SCHOOL! Let's hear the angels sing!

Life is good, hard and sometimes extremely emotional and frustrating but seriously, there are always positives-even if they are small things. I am grateful to know that...someone remind me of that from time to time though please.

Hope your week is looking an "Ahhh week" and if not change it and make it that way, or at least find something positive each day.

These make any day positive for me...


The Juries!! said...

Them are some pretty kidz!!

Carrie said...

I have to say Shannon I am a little jealous. I woke up this morning feeling uh another day. HA HA just from being tired. I love the times I wake up motivated to get projects done. You go girl! Glad things are getting back to normal for you guys and you get your hubby back for a few weeks. Yay!!! You are right there are always blessings in the UH DAYS:)

Emily Green said...

I'm feeling upbeat about my week too! Glad that things are normaling out for you. Being out of routine with kids isn't fun at all!

Debbie Lunt said...

I love their eyes - They are such pretty kids